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3D Engineering Design Series

We teach people how to create, and creation in a modern world begins with 3D design.

We offer so many fascinating courses on practical skills and applied knowledge, yet we do understand that it's difficult to put in the time sitting in front of a computer learning to build blobs. What we can show you is that by dedicating your time and honing your skills, it is an unlimited, creative environment that can turn any thought into a tangible reality. Come in and visit our lab and know that every part of all the CNCs built in the Mechanical Automation course, all the snowboards and longboards, all the tooling, and all the robotic cases and framework have been design here in CATIA.

We've been teaching CATIA 3D design courses for over a decade and all of our design instructional staff are Dassault Systemes certified CATIA experts. Our courses are created with the intent of teaching students how to functionally used a 3D design program in a shop environment as well as prepare them for any of the globally recognized certifications. While all the courses are strongly focused on CATIA, we do teach Solidworks and most recently FreeCAD in class. We do want students to have the skills associated with a world class CAD system, but we also want them see the possibility of operating their own businesses, which having an understanding of an affordable alternative can make that possible.

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