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Advanced Composites

Damian Cianci and his team have been teaching advanced composites and other material science technologies for nearly a decade. Damian was involved with the creation of a new composites program back in 2005, operated and developed by Charles Seaton, Boeing, and the FAA. This was later distilled into the Composite Technician Certificate program which he took over in 2010. We have since evolved the Composite Technician Certificate program far past its original design, which now includes more material science, complex repairs, 3D modeling, CNC milling of molds and tooling, stress testing, integrated materials, 3D printing, production processes, and even cosmetic polishing. Because of this massive leap forward, in 2014 the name was changed to Advanced Composites - Design, Manufacture and Engineering.

Our practical courses, Applied Composites and Rigid Composite Structures are fabulous project based courses that show you the complexities in the fabrication of real products. You wouldn't find wood working, metal forming, and CNC machining in most composite courses, nor would you have hours long discussions on the stress factors associated with shape design and how to best alleviate this and reduce weight.

It's staggering how much more work it is to make a consumer ready part that can pass quality and longevity testing as well as have an efficient production method over simply making a part for your own use. Whether or not students do become their own bosses, we teach all our classes as if they are. How well will you make a product if you have the public watching you and no manager, lead, QA or engineering to for decisions, and one bad review can end your business?

Advanced Composites DME     -     Applied Composites     -     Rigid Composite Structures

* To all Boeing Employees - All of these courses hit several "green lights". Feel free to contact us or IAM if you have any questions.
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