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Advanced Aerospace Training Courses

Our Advanced Aerospace Training courses provide students the high-tech skills needed for the current and future manufacturing environment. Our goal is the literal application of Product Lifecycle Management through the integration of 3d design, automation and material science.

Advanced Composites

Advanced Composites DME
Applied Composites
Rigid Composite Structures

General Industry Skills

Basic Metal Fabrication

3D Engineering Design Series

3D Design and Machining - Fusion 360
Fusion 360 - Surfacing and Sheet Metal
Mechanical Design - Design Theory
Mechanical Design - Surface Design

Family Fridays!
One Parent / One Youth / One Fee

Hard Drive Jewelry Making
Web Design by Damian Cianci
Robotic Automation / Mechatronics

Introduction to Robotic Automation
Production Electronics
Intro to Electronics and Automation
Coming Soon! - Siemens PLC Automation
Additive Manufacturing Systems
Industrial UAV Systems

Design Team

NEW - Aerial Heavy-Lift Service Platform
NEW - Subtractive Manufacturing Laser Technology
Winged Unmanned Aircraft Design

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